The term “futon” denotes a style of bedding first introduced by the Japanese consisting of a padded mattress stuffed with cotton and quilts. The western version we know today was first introduced in the 1970s by a Boston designer, William Brouwer, who was convinced of the futon’s ability to work well in America. Fast forward to the present and the futon frame and mattress folds in the middle, allowing for use as a chair or couch and then flattens for use as a bed. And now Big Tree USA brings the futon mainstream by raising the quality and increasing the comfort level by selling a sofa height futon with a stronger deck and best of all, our objective, making them easy to buy.


But sometimes, making it easy to buy is not so easy. Every business gets stuck in a rut at some point. “We’ve always done it this way,” is the thinking. That’s how we came together to form Big Tree USA — three individuals with deep market experience and new ideas who’ve never done things the traditional way. Who look at everything with a “How can we make this business better?” attitude. That’s how Big Tree USA was born. Look, there are always growing pains with any new business. We get that. But our objective is to let you know how we intend to do business with you and to offer the best products in the industry for the money. Take a look at these beautiful styles and you’ll see what we mean.